Venture Capital Partnership
We invest early to help entrepreneurs to accelerate growth and expand geographically
For every high potential project, there is the right time to start a perfect storm that will reshape an industry. Time is the king, not money. We help identify the moment when it’s time to press the accelerator and inject funds for the growth into startups, that have tested their ideas locally and ready to present their product to the world
Portfolio companies
Our goal is to maintain small numbers of investments. Limiting the number of projects helps to stay engaged with startups and focus on creating value for both founders and investors
Our focus
Video & Content
All types of video services that allows user to watch and engage with personalized or live video in any format including AR, VR  
E-comm & Offline to Online
Startups that can have a huge upside when the traditional business model is combined with tech
Mobility & Ultralocal
Here & Now projects, where technology can create a new customer experience, allow people and businesses to get services immediately and on-demand
Our team & expertise
With years of experience in managing early stage investments we are ready to provide support and capital needed for your startup to succeed
Ivan Sezonov
General partner
Experienced early stage investor who after pursuing corporate career switched to become entrepreneur with focus on launching ventures in consumer space
Limited partners
Fund investors
Provide capital to invest in selection of projects with strong focus on helping startups to succeed and bringing industries insights and contacts
Partner funds
Venture capital firms
Midsize funds from New York, Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Moscow to finance next rounds if projects work well and a startup is ready to raise new capital
Advisory board
International team
With 100+ years of professional experience six board members who work with us on permanent bases to help evaluate projects and grow portfolio companies
How we work
We invest early and understand all barriers on the road to success. Most of the time things don't go as planned and we can provide support and help to pivot your product if team proved itself, there is market and customer problems to solve. If we together find growth our network will be able provide next round financing for further growth.
We spend several weeks to fully understand your project and identify if we can create value for you
Convertible loan
Usually, we invest through a convertible loan to spend up the process and postpone bargaining on company valuation
Active engagement
Together we work on strategy and define areas for high growth. Your job is the execute the strategy and provide market evidence - growth in sales and users
Pivot if necessary
we believe in teams that work well together and ready to support several pivots if necessary to capture the market
Next round
Prepare the company for next round by meeting expectations of larger funds who invest at Seed B and beyond rounds
Reach us
Send us your contact details or a short description of your project with standard investment materials including one-pager and investment deck
Upload files
Your deck files in pdf